Join in the Conversation

The aim of 'Gender Swapped Stories' is to generate conversations around gender in our society. We are inclusive to people of all genders be they female, male, non-binary, trans, queer, agender, other-gender etc. We also hope this book will be accessible to those who many never have thought about gender before.

The stories have all been created by applying a gender swapping computer algorithm to Victorian public domain texts. We see this project as part book, part art project and part activism. But the main aim is to get people thinking about gender. We would love to hear what observations and thoughts you have had when reading the book so join in the conversation using #genderswappedfairytales. 


Free workshop for teachers and educators

If you would like to explore the subject of gender in the classroom using 'Gender Swapped Fairy Tales' the amazing Scott Evans has created this brilliant downloadable PDF lesson plan.


Donating to Plan International UK

We're donating 12.5% of the sale price of every print to Plan International UK to support their amazing work striving for gender equality.

"Girls aren’t weak. They’re braver than you know. Child marriage. Harassment. Sexual violence. They face it all. But brave as they are, they still need your support – to end the prejudices that threaten girls’ safety – and their lives. Plan International UK is a global children’s charity. We work to give every child, every chance. Are you in?"

Credit: Patrick Kaplin for Plan UK International